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7th European Elastin Meeting, Ghent, Belgium

Researchers from all over the world met in Het Pand in the city center of Ghent this month for the 7th European Elastin Meeting. This terrific meeting was organized by Dr. Anne DePaepe. The program gave broad coverage of the current progress and controversies in the structure and biology of elastin as well as in diseases of elastic fibers. Presentations related to PXE were given by researchers Olivier Vanakker [Ghent University, Belgium], "BMP-signalling in pseudoxanthoma elasticum"; Georges Leftheriotis [University of Angers, France], "The vascular phenotype in pseudoxanthoma elasticum and related disorders"; and Mohamed Hosen [Ghent University], "Comprehensive characterization of a zebrafish model for pseudoxanthoma elasticum". Sharon Terry spoke in a session facilitated by Daniela Quaglino: "Taking research forward: role of patient and health advocacy organizations."  

On September 5, individuals affected by pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE) from all over Belgium (and a few from the Netherlands) came together for a four-hour meeting. Approximately 60 people attended.  Dr. Olivier Vanakker organized a very informative meeting. He presented on current findings in PXE research, including a discussion of the clinical signs and symptoms.  Dr. Devlider spoke about the eye manifestations and the use of antiangiogenesis agents in their treatment.  Dr. Campens spoke about vascular problems in PXE.  Sharon Terry shared the story of PXE International successfully promoting research, and supporting laboratories like that of Dr. DePaepe.  The work of Dr. Hosen was presented on the zebrafish and mice.

Last modified: 09/09/2013