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Ludovic Martin, MD, PhD

Ludovic Martin

Head, Department of Dermatology and the PXE Referral Centre
Angers University Hospital, Angers, France

Ludovic Martin, MD, PhD, is a French dermatologist with a long-standing interest in PXE (clinical care and basic research). He graduated with a degree in medicine (1998) after having worked on the biology of dermal elastic fibers. He then completed his PhD dedicated to PXE (2006). As a Professor of Dermatology, he is the head of both the Dept. of Dermatology and the PXE referral centre in Angers University Hospital. From the academic side, he is in a research team at Angers Medical School that works on several animal models of arteriopathy, including that of Abcc6 -/- mice. Dr. Martin is 41 and lives in Angers, a very pleasant, history-rich, French city not far from the Atlantic Ocean, with his wife Isabelle and their two daughters, Hélène and Emmanuelle.



Areas of Interest

Genetics of PXE, PXE Animal Models, PXE and the Metabolism, Clinical Manifestations, Epidemiology of PXE, Clinical Trials



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