Olivier Vanakker, MD, PhD

Olivier Vannakker

Center for Medical Genetics
Ghent University Hospital, Belgium

Olivier Vanakker MD, PhD, is a paediatrician and clinical geneticist affiliated with the Connective Tissue Disorders team and the Dysmorphology team of the Center for Medical Genetics of the Ghent University Hospital, Belgium. He graduated Medical School in 2003 with great distinction. In 2009, he received the degree of Doctor in Medical Sciences for his thesis “Novel Clinical and Etiopathogenetic Findings in Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum.” Main topics involved optimization of molecular analysis in PXE and determination of genotype-phenotype correlations, identification of the PXE-like syndrome and study of the involvement of vitamin K and vitamin K-related mineralization inhibitors in the pathophysiology of ectopic calcification. This PhD thesis was awarded the annual Pfizer award for outstanding thesis in Medical Sciences at the Ghent University.

In 2010, he completed his training in Paediatrics. He is presently working at the Center for Medical Genetics of the Ghent University Hospital, where he is actively involved in the clinical follow-up of PXE families and various research projects focusing on the clinical, molecular and etiopathological characteristics of PXE and related disorders. In addition, he is specialized in paediatric genetics and dysmorphology.

Read an interview with Olivier from August 2011.


Areas of Interest

Genetics of PXE, PXE and the Metabolism, Clinical Manifestations, Epidemiology of PXE



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