PXE and Vision

Amsler Grid Vision Check

Test the vision in each eye every day.  Early detection of a vision problem increases the chance of saving eyesight through timely treatment.  The Amsler Grid is a simple test of vision quality that detects even minor changes when they first occur.  This easy test only takes a moment for each eye.  If you notice any changes in the appearance of the grid such as distortion, blurring, discoloration, dark or missing areas of the grid, or any other changes, call and visit your retinologist immediately!  Do not wait to see if the changes will clear up with no intervention. Amsler Grid Vision Check.

Treatments for Retinal Bleeding Caused by PXE

Lay summaries of important research.

  • October 2012:  Avastin and Lucentis Are Equivalent in Treating AMD: CATT Two-year Results
  • November 2011:  Monthly Lucentis - Safe and Effective for PXE?
  • May 2011:  Lucentis and Avastin Equally Effective for AMD
  • May 2010:  Retinal Treatments
  • May 2010:  UK's NHS Looking into Avastin® As Treatment for Wet AMD
  • August 2009:  Update on Treatments for Retinal Bleeding Caused by PXE 
  • August 2008:  Clinical Trials Comparing Avastin and Lucentis 
  • October 2007:  Finally! Analysis of the Use of Avastin for Retinal Bleeding of PXE
  • Summer 2006:  Treatments for Retinal Bleeding Caused by PXE

Medical Bulletins and Eye FAQs

Medical bulletins in simple terms describing the effects of pseudoxanthoma elasticum on the eye.

PXE International's Professional Advisory Board answers your questions in the Eye FAQ.


Webinars and Video

Nick de Bois, MP, United Kingdom

Adjournment debate on UK government support for PXE
Nick DeBois, MP, House of Commons, UK
October 18, 2012

What to Expect from a Low Vision Session What to Expect from a Low Vision Session
Wendy Mons, Mons International
September 2011
PXE and the Eye 2009 PXE and the Eye
Wai Wong, MD, National Eye Institute
May 11, 2009




















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Guide Dogs

Guide dogs free of charge to the legally blind

The Test Walk - Partnering with a Guide Dog, by Kent and Jenine Stanley

Four Paws Test Drive - Learning to See Guide Dogs Differently, by Linda Falconiero