Judy Williams

Judy WilliamsHi, my name is Judy Williams. I'm a 63 year old woman with pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE). I'm very happily married to Allan and have two grown children, Kevin and Claire, as well as four grandchildren. As you can see, I'm truly blessed with my family.

Before PXE took over my life with serious eye problems I worked as the company buyer of a steel manufacturer. I loved my job but once my eye problems became worse I was forced to leave the job. I needed my eyes to see the products I bought. No use buying expensive goods that I couldn't check on, and I could no longer drive around to find the best steel either. That was a sad day for me, but no use crying. You get on with your life and start in another direction!

Many years ago when I finally found out that I had PXE, I became friendly with a geneticist from Cape Town, South Africa, Professor Denis Viljoen. He introduced me to Sister Anna-Susan Marais, and from there I was introduced to Sharon and Pat Terry who were visiting South Africa getting to know people with PXE. Sharon then asked me if I would start a support group in Durban, South Africa and I said YES! What a wonderful idea. Here we were, living in deepest darkest Africa (so to speak), and up to then I knew very little about PXE. Then these wonderful Terry's arrived and I was enlightened. How could I not start a support group to pass on all this vital information? My life actually started properly when my eyes had been opened. If there are others out there that need help or support with PXE, then I'm here and ready to help them in whatever way they need the help.

I'm very proud to be a member of the Board of Directors of PXE International. Without these wonderful, caring people, where would we all be today?