Honorees at Past Conferences

PXE International 2014 Science Award - Dr. Andras VaradiPXE International 2014 Science Award - Dr. Piet Borst


PXE International recognized and applauded two internationally respected and admired PXE researchers, Piet Borst, MD, PhD of the Netherlands Cancer Institute and András Váradi, PhD, DSc of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, at the 2014 PXE Research Meeting held September 22-23, 2014 in the metro Washington, DC area. Dr. Piet Borst was celebrated for his lifetime contributions to ABC transporters and pseudoxanthoma elasticum research. Dr. Váradi was praised for his many years of dedication and discovery for the PXE community. We are privileged and grateful to call these accomplished professionals part of the team working diligently toward a treatment for PXE.

[Photos: Left - Dr. András Váradi; Right - Dr. Piet Borst.]


PXE 2012
Building Tomorrow Together
September 22 - 23, 2013
Washington, DC

Wendy Wood Hubbard, PXEer

                      Wendy Wood Hubbard                                


Research 2010
2010 PXE Research Meeting
November 29 and 30, 2010
Washington, DC

Ivonne Ronchetti, PhD, Researcher
Jouni Uitto, MD, PhD, Researcher



PXE 2010
Celebrating Discovery
September 10 - 12, 2015
Washington, DC

Jessica Harper, PXE Board Member
Joe MaasPXE Board Member

                 Joe and Robin Maas  


PXE 2008
Discovery Through Leadership
September 19 - 21, 2008
Washington, DC

Julia Holman, PXEer

                           Julia Holman


PXE 2006
Finding Our Way
September 29 - October 1, 2006
Washington, DC

Christine Vocke, MS
Director of Education and Information
PXE International

                              Christine Vocke


PXE 2004
Vision for the Future
July 30 - August 1, 2004
Washington, DC

Anna-Susan Marais, RN
South Africa Contact, PXE International
Holly Briggs, Project Manager
PXE International

                       Anna-Susan & Holly Briggs Award  


PXE 2002
July 12 - 14, 2002
Oakland, CA

Olivier Le Saux, PhD, Researcher
Mark Lebwohl, MD, Clinician, Researcher

                Olivier Le Saux          Mark Lebwohl  


PXE 2000
Learning, Connecting, Listening, Supporting
June 30 - July 2, 2000
Boston, MA

Lionel Bercovitch, MD
Clinician, Researcher, PXE Board
Charles Boyd, PhD
, Researcher

         LionelBerkovitch&Wife   Charles Boyd  


PXE 1997
International Centennial Meeting
November 6 and 7, 1997
Washington, DC

Kenneth Neldner, PhD, Researcher

                        Ken Neldner