“Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.”
- Hank Rosso

Fundraising will bring you joy and friendships in unexpected ways.  When you invite family and friends and even mere acquaintances to donate in creative ways, they feel personally and meaningfully invited into your life.  Fundraising is for ordinary people with extraordinary determination!

Raising money can be daunting when first thought about, but really it can be very rewarding and even fun! No amount of money or effort is too small. There are many ways to raise money by doing what you love. If you would like to hold a fundraiser for PXE, we would be so glad to help you with any support you need. We would be so incredibly grateful.

Al Dithering - Man versus Mountain

Al and Jo Ditheridge -
Fundraising for PXE International

- Gruelling triathlons, 20-mile Man vs Mountain Challenge, 80s Party - All for son Chad's future. See the photo story.

Dollar Bill Fundraiser

Dollar Bill Fundraiser
-- created by former PXE International Board member, Gordon Morrell

Julia Holman

PXE Fundaising 101 - Step-by-step event hosting
-- by PXEer Julia Holman

firstgiving logo

A leading social platform for fundraising
-- Elizabeth Terry raised $2300 using firstgiving!

Jessica Harper

Jessica Harper book or CD offer
-- Buy any of Jessica's children's books or CDs, and she will donate the price of that book or CD to PXE International!

Nancy Heyner and Kim Kerepka

Pennies for PXE
-- Best friends, PXEer Kim Kerepka and Nancy Heyner team up to collect Pennies for PXE. Here's how they did it.