Ebay Giving Works and Mission Fish

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Selling for PXE International: eBay Giving Works!

eBay Sellers Donate to Nonprofits

Do you sell on eBay? Do you know someone who does? eBay Giving Works is a fun, easy way to support PXE International.

eBay Giving Works allows sellers to give proceeds from their sales to a favorite nonprofit, and helps nonprofits raise funds by selling on eBay too. Nonprofits can also receive donations from eBay users through the Donate Now feature, which lets anyone with a PayPal account donate to nonprofits right away, without buying or selling anything.


eBay partnered with MissionFish to create the eBay Giving Works program. PXE International has been certified by MissionFish to participate in eBay Giving Works, and our eBay Giving Works page is here.


At no additional cost to you, AmazonSmile donates .5% of all of your eligeble purchases to PXE International when you choose us and shop at smile.amazon.com!

Did You Know?

eBay Giving Works listings:

  • tend to attract more bids and higher final sale prices
  • stand out with the charity ribbon icon in search results
  • benefit from enhanced searchability
  • automatically qualify for the eBay Giving Works Fee Credit Benefit

Here's How

If you are a seller on eBay, it is easy to donate a percentage of your sale to PXE International. Simply list an item on eBay, select PXE International to benefit, and choose the percentage you want to give. When your item sells, MissionFish will collect your donation, send it to PXE International, and provide you with a tax receipt.