Dollar Bill Fundraising

Send a $1 bill to your family and friends, and raise desperately needed research funding.  It's easy!

A Simple Fundraiser

A few years ago, PXE International Board Member Gordon Morrell sent a letter to several friends, colleagues and family members with a crisp, one dollar bill attached. He told the story of his daughter's experience with PXE, and he asked his friends to send the dollar and a matching dollar (or more) of their own back to PXE International.

He raised close to $10,000!

We're asking you to help.  If you are able and willing to participate, we will raise substantial and urgently needed funds for research. To make it easy, we have developed "Dollar Bill Campaign Kits", complete with everything you need to run the campaign.

Try just one to start.  E-mail PXE International at, or call 202.362.9599 to order your Dollar Bill Campaign Kit. Or click on the link below to get started.

Dollar Bill Fundraiser Sample Letter

Dollar Bill Campaign Kit Instructions


  • Sample letter
  • Crisp dollar bills
  • PXE International business envelopes (or your own)
  • PXE International stamped donation envelopes (or your own)

Step 1: Personalize the sample letter and address it to your friends, relatives, etc.

Step 2: Attach a crisp dollar bill to each letter with a paper clip.

Step 3: Fold the letter and put it in the PXE International business envelope along with the PXE international stamped donation envelope.

Step 4: Seal and mail the letters.

Thank you for all you do for PXE International!