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What is Firstgiving?

Firstgiving is the leading social platform for fundraising for any nonprofit cause. They give everyday people like you and me the tools and resources we need to raise money for causes dear to the heart. Firstgiving brings individual fundraising stories to life.

Elizabeth Terry

Elizabeth Terry raises over $2,300 using Firstgiving!

Elizabeth Terry used Firstgiving and her 21st birthday to raise over $2,300 for PXE International!  Elizabeth writes, “I owe so much to PXE and to PXE International. I think it's time to give back.” 

Elizabeth's story
Elizabeth's FirstGiving page.

Safe and Easy

Raising money online with Firstgiving is safe and easy. Here's how:

  1. Create your personal fundraising page with the PXE International name and logo, and email it to everyone you know.
  2. Friends, family and colleagues respond to the personal appeal, make secure donations by credit or debit card, and leave a personal message.
  3. Firstgiving sends PXE International the donations!

Make your own FirstGiving page 

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